Alex Rutledge, PE, PG, and Robert Indri, PE of Schnabel Engineering's New Seattle Office
Comings and Goings

Schnabel Engineering Opens Seattle Office

Schnabel Engineering has opened a new office in the Pacific Northwest to service their dam engineering clients.  Two dam engineers from their Greensboro, N.C. office relocated there to get it established.  They have been working for […]

FEMA Report: Summary of Existing Guidelines for Hydrologic Safety of Dams
Standards and Codes

New FEMA Document on Hydrologic Dam Safety

FEMA has recently released a new document titled “Summary of Existing Guidelines for Hydrologic Safety of Dams”.  I was pleased to hear about this report from one of it’s co-authors, Amanda Hess of Gannett Fleming.  […]

Cross-section of dam repaired with geotextile
Project Related

Using geotextiles to repair earth dams

This paper presents how geotextiles were used to repair three dams in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. The geotextile performs different functions in each of these three dams, all of which are dry structures. By Benjamin […]

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Press Releases

Lawmakers Step Up To Address Dangerous Dams

House Approves 200 Million Dollar Authorization to Fix or Remove Ticking Time Bombs

Contacts: Garrett Russo, American Rivers, (202) 423-9494; Laura Wildman, P.E.; American Rivers, (860) 913-3960

Washington, D.C.— Millions of Americans are living in the shadow of dangerous dams all across the country, but that may be about to change, thanks to quick action by the House of Representatives to pass the Dam Rehabilitation and Repair Act of 2007 (H.R 3224), sponsored by Representative John T. Salazar (D-CO). The bill, which authorizes 200 million dollars to help fix, or remove publicly owned dams all across the country, now heads to the Senate.


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Press Releases

CNN Highlights Dams in Danger

How to Find the One in Your Backyard

Washington, D.C. [Editor] Thursday, October 4, 2007 by American Rivers (Contact info at bottom of press release) [/Editor] — More than ten thousand dams across America could become killers if they fail and 1,333 of those dams are considered structurally deficient. Today, on CNN’s American Morning, an alarming story by Sean Callebs showed the dire state of our nation’s dams. In one instance in Ohio, hundreds of people live right on top of a dam that has been deemed structurally deficient by engineers.