Possible Seepage at Newly Constructed New Orleans Levee

Katrina levee failure with Chinook Helicopter attmpting to fill the breach

From a Nola.com article:

The moisture has been surfacing on a dirt road that parallels a 2-mile stretch of the V-Line Levee being raised by an Army Corps of Engineers contractor. The problem was discovered during an inspection last month by the levee district. …The levee, which protects areas west of the Harvey Canal, will eventually connect to a $500 million floodwall and floodgate that the corps plans to build to block storm surge from the Harvey and Algiers canals.

The Levee Board is proposing to perform seismic surveys to investigate the causes of the seepage. I wonder if those tests will prove very conclusive?  Perhaps if they have some borings to tie the survey to, they can determine how consistent the stratigraphy is and look for potential seams causing the seepage. But if they don’t…I’m note entirely sure I see the point. Any thoughts?