Online Geotechnical Infrastructure Sensing and Monitoring Course

Automated total station for geotechnical monitoring (credit Geo-Instruments)

UC Berkeley Faculty of the Geosystems group and collaborators are offering on January 22-23 2021, a 2-day short course on “New Technologies for Geotechnical Infrastructure Sensing and Monitoring“. The course will provide a review of some of the latest technologies that are about to, or are already impacting the way we maintain, monitor, or operate geo-infrastructure and the way we manage risk. Technologies to be discussed are sensor-equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or drones), 3D model creation using optical imagery (Structure-from-Motion) and LiDAR, infrared sensing, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), wireless sensing fundamentals, ShapeArray Accelerometers and distributed sensing using fiber optics. 

The instructors (Zekkos, Soga, Kayen, Johnson) have significant experience on the technologies presented and will outline the principles of operation and the advantages and disadvantages, as well as share examples of projects where these technologies have been successfully implemented with the intent to support professionals in selecting the right monitoring technologies that are needed for a range of geo-infrastructure applications.

Due to COVID, the course will be offered online this year, but can also accommodate participants in all time zones by making the recorded lectures available online.

More information, and registration, for this course (until the 15th) can be found here: