GEO5 2023 Updates

The GEO5 Suite of geotechnical software has some exciting new features in the latest updates! There is a new free mobile app called GEO5 Data Collector to allow field data collection and two-way sync with the GEO5 stratigraphy module. You can plan a geotechnical investigation, then sync those planned boreholes to the app, collect data in the field with user-defined templates, add photos and videos, and then sync all of the data back to the Stratigraphy module.

Fine Software has also added a new program, the GEO5 Point Cloud program to import, reduce, and edit point cloud data. You can then import the data into the GEO5 Stratigraphy module. Check out the video below to see it in action!

Processing of Point Clouds in GEO5 2023

Other noteworthy improvements include:

  • Hoek Brown model (Slope Stability)
  • Addition of construction stages
  • Templates for project data
  • New catalog of blocks from a variety of producers (Prefab Wall)
  • New fiberglass vinyl cross sections (Sheeting Design, Sheeting Check)
  • And more…see the full list!

As always, you can download a free trial of GEO5 without analysis restrictions.