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Seeing Beneath the Surface: Use of Ground Penetrating Radar in Earth Science Research

Boulder, CO, USA –Studying the arrangements of sediments and sedimentary rocks in Earth’s near-surface layers received a recent boost from a new volume published by the Geological Society of America. Stratigraphic Analyses Using GPR, GSA Special Paper 432, offers a state-of-the-art overview of ground penetrating radar applications in the field of shallow subsurface stratigraphic analysis. [more…]



World War II Prisoners Tunnels Discovered with GPR

Remember the 1963 movie "The Great Escape" starring Steve McQueen, James Gardner, and Charles Bronson about Allied prisoners planning a mass escape from a German POW Camp? Ok, me neither, but in the movie, the prisoners dug 3 tunnels to escape from the German POW camp Stalag Luft III in Zagan (formerly in East Germany, now in Poland). A recent archeology study used ground penetrading radar or GPR to uncover not 3 but over 100 different tunnels. Read more…