Famed Hole In Danger of Collapse

There was a meeting last week between De Beers and the local municipality to discuss the problem. From the article at IOL

"This meeting is 30 years overdue. De Beers has been drawing the attention of the municipality to Bultfontein Road for the past 25 years, urging them to redirect the road. Bultfontein Road is doomed," said a former manager of De Beers’ legal services and consultant to De Beers, Ted Sweetnam.

De Beers seems to be taking the approach that they don’t have liability as far as being forced to fix the problem, but they are trying to be good neighbors and buy out the effected businesses. 

Hole Location

{mosmap lat=’-28.7387’|lon=’24.7589’|zoom=’3’|align=’left’|tooltip=’Big Hole in Kimberly’|text=’Big Hole in Kimberly’|marker=’0′}