gINT Software Offers Timed Licenses

From their timed software page and email announcement:

  • Inexpensive: As low as US $199! [That’s /month for gINT Pro]
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Cost-effective for short-term projects
  • Use gINT on-site without having to borrow/return licenses
  • Easily take gINT into the field with a USB license
  • Get credit for any unused time toward standard license purchase

I can see this being very useful for field projects. Maybe you could even convince your client to pay it as part of the field investigations, but most clients I’ve worked with would probably balk at that idea.

They also say that you can lease the software for a year as well ($899). Why would you want to lease instead of buy? Well, those major upgrades aren’t cheap. I would presume that with a leased license you would always have the latest version, but I don’t know for sure.