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gINT Software, Inc.

gINT Software, Inc.

On-Demand Geotechnical Analysis Applications Quickly Solve Problems, Control Costs

Cetrus is now offering an on-demand, metered-usage version of the popular GEO5 geotechnical analysis software suite by FINE Software to users in North America.  Cetrus ( specializes in hosting licensing for on-demand versions of myriad software applications. Global access to the service is available via the Internet, and the software runs locally on an individual’s computer.

GEO5’s range of products allows users to access a wide variety of design instruments tailored to specific projects. When a customer needs a project design quickly, Cetrus offers immediate access to the latest version of the software without having to wait for a hardware key to arrive in the mail, and without having to worry about keeping version updates current. The Cetrus system also allows cost savings for clients who need the software for only a few hours or for those who prefer to pay per use so that they can be reimbursed by clients.

”GEO5 has an extraordinary range of interlinked geotechnical analysis products that are both user-friendly and cost-effective,” commented Cheryl Steets, Chief Operating Officer of gINT Software, the exclusive North American distributor of GEO5. “No other suite of geotechnical analysis software products has GEO5’s ease of use and broad interoperability. Now that GEO5 is available via, users can benefit from the high productivity of this powerful analysis software easily and inexpensively.”

With the initial release, Cetrus will be offering 19 GEO5 modules:

  • GEO5’s stability analysis programs including Slope Stability and Rock Stability;
  • GEO5 Sheeting Design and Sheeting Check for sheet pile design and analysis;
  • GEO5 retaining wall design programs including Abutment, Cantilever Wall, Earth Pressures, Gabion, Gravity Wall, Masonry Wall, Nailed Slope, and Prefab Wall;
  • GEO5 foundation design programs including Pile, Micropile, Pile CPT, and Spread Footing; GEO5 settlement analysis programs including Ground Loss and Settlement; and
  • GEO5 finite element method (FEM) and Tunnel programs.

“Now that consultants can access such a robust suite of geotechnical applications, and pay only for the time they need, they will discover a phenomenal new way to save time and money when using technical analysis software,” added Casey Ritts, Director of Business Development at Cetrus.  “It is with great enthusiasm that Cetrus now provides the GEO5 Suite on demand, and we thank our forward-thinking partners for adopting what we believe is the next generation in software distribution.”

About Cetrus

Cetrus is a world leader in delivering on-demand applications for technical and analytical professionals. Cetrus has developed a comprehensive solution to migrate technical software vendors from the traditional, disconnected perpetual license model to the fully connected, on-demand model. By creating an on-demand marketplace, each vendor has the opportunity to significantly enhance their users’ experience via the Cetrus web site.  For more information about Cetrus, please visit

About FINE

FINE Software is a leading civil engineering Software Company based in Prague, Czech Republic. FINE produces software that offers more than 50 analysis programs for geotechnical, structural, and foundation engineering.  FINE aims to offer engineers powerful and affordable products with user friendly interface and high reliability.

About gINT Software

Since 1986, gINT Software has pioneered innovative and highly effective solutions for data management and reporting in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industries. gINT Software is recognized globally for its standard of excellence in software development.  gINT Software is proud to be the exclusive North American reseller of FINE GEO5 geotechnical software.

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