Getting Soil Samples from Outside Continental USA Back Into the Country

Tropical Paradise I’ve never thought too much about this, I guess I’m still waiting for my first geotechnical assignment in Hawaii! But if you bring soil samples  into the continental USA, they must go through a heat treatment at their port of entry. In the latest GeoComp Corporation newsletter, Gary Torosian from GeoTesting Express, GeoComp’s lab testing arm, describes how their firm’s certification with the U.S. Department of Agriculture allows them to accept soil samples without the required heat treatment. They can receive, and test the samples and then upon completion of the testing, they heat treat the soil, sample containers and any effluent generated from the testing process to safely dispose of any potentially harmful organisms. Something to keep in mind for those cushy projects in Hawaii or the US Virgin Islands or something. (Photo by Eric K. Veland on Flickr)