Dataforensics releases PLog v6 and PLog Environmental

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Norcross, GA, March 25, 2010 – Dataforensics, a leader in data management software development and implementation, has released PLog version 6 and PLog Environmental. PLog v6 builds on the success and power of previous editions of PLog. PLog Environmental maintains all capabilities of PLog and adds on powerful modules to enable field personnel to record environmental testing and monitoring data as well as record information required to develop a chain of custody of form.

PLog v6 has the same navigation and feel for collecting borehole and test pit data as previous versions of PLog. Dataforensics has added several enhancements to PLog in order to assist clients record their field data electronically. PLog v6 includes an Express Description Form for soil and rock, improved work order capabilities, simpler navigation in PLog and interbedded layer description capabilities for soil and rock. Additionally, the PC module for PLog version 6 has been completely redesigned and is now much more powerful and robust with more user friendly navigation. A complete list of PLog v6 functions is available from the Dataforensics website.

PLog Environmental was developed in collaboration with EarthScience Information Systems in Australia, developers of ESdat. Together PLog Environmental and ESdat create a complete environmental data management package from assigning work orders for environmental field data collection, electronic field data collection, and lab and field environmental data analysis and reporting. PLog Environmental enables users to collect laboratory sample information for soil boreholes, water wells; gas wells; surface water features such as ponds, rivers and lakes; and QA samples. More information regarding PLog Environmental is available from the Dataforensics website.

About EarthScience Information Systems

EarthScience Information Systems is an innovative leader in environmental data management. Our software enables users to manage large amounts of data as well as standardize analysis and reporting.

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Dataforensics is a leader in deploying software applications that serve as core components for data and personnel management within geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. Our solutions enable efficient, timely and accurate assessments. The resulting assessments are used to support analysis and design activities by the engineering and construction industries, as well as federal, state and local government organizations. For more information, please visit

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