Dataforensics and Vertek Announce a Software Collaboration Program for CPT Data Analysis

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As part of the collaboration, Vertek will bundle RAPID CPT with their CPT equipment for new and existing clients. Using Dataforensics” RAPID CPT will enable Vertek to enhance their clients” analysis and reporting capabilities as they phase out Vertek and Hogentogler”s existing analysis and reporting software. RAPID CPT facilitates importing raw CPT data into gINT, a leading geotechnical software program, to review, analyze and report CPT data quickly and easily in a consistent format. RAPID CPT utilizes gINT as its data management and reporting engine, which allows improved data management capabilities as well as complete control over the analysis and reporting for the end user. Furthermore, it allows users to combine CPT data with any other site investigation data, such as traditional borehole log data, DMT data and lab testing data, in one integrated system.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Vertek. We believe the analysis and visualization capabilities provided by the RAPID CPT data management system have the potential to significantly enhance the state of practice for CPT users around the world,” said Scott Deaton, Dataforensics president.

David Timian, Vertek Division Manager noted that “this collaboration will provide Vertek CPT users cost-effective and seamless access to enhanced data analysis and reporting software, while allowing Vertek to focus development resources on enhancements to hardware capability.”

“Having access to gINT and RAPID CPT will dramatically broaden the analysis and reporting capabilities for users of Vertek and Hogentogler equipment,” said Salvatore Caronna, president of gINT Software. Our high-end tools, such as gINT Rules, graphing, and report customization are now available those who push CPTs for CPT analysis and reporting.  gINT is at the heart of RAPID CPT and gives users a far more powerful and versatile program than has been available to date.  We are thrilled to be a part of this technology-advancing coalition.”

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Vertek is the manufacturing division of Applied Research Associates, Inc and has been a leader in the CPT world for more than a decade.  Vertek”s CPT product line includes standard CPT tools and a variety of additional sensors for geotechnical and environmental applications, as well as a diverse array of push platforms from a compact, low cost universal push system to custom-built 30-ton truck based platforms.  For more information, please visit

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