Massive Open Pit Mine Landslide in Turkey

Open pit mine landslide in Turkey

Open pit mine landslide in Turkey

A massive, possibly 50 million cubic meter landslide occurred on Thursday in Kahramanmaraş Province of Turkey. Not too many details yet, but early reports had 9 miners missing and 1 killed. The landslide occurred in the Çöllolar coalfield. Dr. Dave’s post has a few more photos and a link to a Turkish video. [Source: The Landslide Blog. Image: The Landslide Blog]


  1. You are correct Steve, I should have been paying attention when borrowing Dr. Dave’s images. He was remarking how similar the Turkey slide is to the Latrobe slide in Australia. To see an amazing aerial image of the Turkey slide, check out Dr. Dave’s Landslide Blog. [url][/url]

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