APE Pile Driving and Helical Pile Introduction Video

I met a gentleman from American Pile driving Equipment, or APE, on the plane on my way to the GeoCongress conference. We spent some time chatting, and we visited at the trade show at the conference too. I’ve mentioned APE on GeoPrac before, you might remember the ‘Octakong’ pile driving hammer, made of of 8 individual but synchronized hammers used to drive 72′ diameter piles for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Seaway project. I was impressed with a helical pile system they have developed that can be installed using an excavator mounted system and even pressure grouted into place. They also have down the hole hammer attachments to help pre-drill the holes in hard soils. Check out the video below for more about APE and the helical pile system.

APE Intro and Helical Pile Video

[Source: YouTube. Image: YouTube]