Datgel has released the third generation of its gINT Software Add-In products

New features that enable companies to do exceptional work with gINT while embracing the future of work in the geotechnical field

Australia and Singapore, 13th February, 2023 – Datgel, a leading geotechnical data management software company, today announced the official launch of Datgel Generation 3 of the company’s flagship gINT Add-In product range.

The gINT software provides businesses with centralised control of their geotechnical subsurface data. Major users of Datgel Software include WSP, Advisian, and SMEC.

Phil Wade, Managing Director of Datgel, said, “For more than 17 years, we have focused on providing specialist software for geotechnical and geoengineering firms. We develop our own slate of third-party software add-ins for gINT products, giving companies the last mile features that localise the software to their needs.”

“Datgel Gen 3 signals our commitment to the digital-first environment, with a more flexible license system, performance improvements, and support for AGS 4.1.1 and AGS 4.1.1 AU 1.2. Customers will also have better control over their database with best in class reports that enables them to do exceptional work with gINT. “he added.

The key features in Datgel’s latest upgrade will enable companies to more simply and efficiently install, license, access and upgrade our software:

  • Cloud Hosted License System: Concurrent network style license managed in the cloud, gives businesses the option to work offline for up to 90 days, allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely when needed.
  • Single Installer: Gen 3 comes with a single installer package for all products, and command line options to control which products are installed.
  • Simplified License Types: Officewide, country, and international wide license types have been depreciated, and these licenses have been migrated to country seat and international seat, providing a more equitable way to count licenses, as license costs are determined based on organisation size and use. Further, Single User licenses have been upgraded to Country Network license type.
  • Multi Product gINT File Packages: All Datgel products are now developed from a master set of gINT Files. At the click of a button, we can generate each product package, multi product packages which are combinations of products, and new custom gINT Files version for each client. This allows our customers to use the latest version of gINT files more readily.

About Datgel

Datgel is an official channel partner for Bentley gINT software in Australia, Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong, and over 260 organisations in 37 countries use Datgel Add-Ins to power up their gINT capabilities.

Datgel has been providing specialist software, advice, training and support to geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering firms worldwide for more than 17 years. There are committed to investing in R&D, seen through their full suite of mature, ready-to-use software products for field data entry, laboratory, data analysis, reporting, and web-based data sharing.