Most Popular Content of 2019

Thank you to all visitors for a great year! Here is the most popular content of 2019. Many of these articles are “oldies but goodies”. Enjoy!

  1. Semi Crashes Into Geotechnical Drilling Site in Washington State
  2. Watch Boulder’s 2,200′ Journey to Utah Resident’s Front Door!
  3. Engineering Geologists vs Geological Engineers vs Geotechnical Engineers
  4. The Ultimate Geotechnical Engineering Challenge
  5. Geotechnical Engineering on the Moon? 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Landing
  6. Free Online Soil USCS Calculator
  7. North America’s Tallest MSE Retaining Wall
  8. Corpscon Version 6.0
  9. Debris Flow Videos from Chamoson, Switzerland August 7th, 2018
  10. gINT Professional Software Explained
  11. Foundations and Geotechnical Engineering for the Burj Dubai – World’s Tallest Building
  12. New Manual on Subsurface Investigations
  13. Create borehole logs in your browser, for free
  14. Geo-Companies in ENR 2019 Top 500 Design Firms
  15. Bentley’s Previews OpenGround at Year in Infrastructure Conference
  16. A Rare Film of Terzaghi, Casagrande, and Others
  17. Tensar Wins Patent Cases Against Chinese Infringers
  18. CPT Geotechnical Design Manual from Minnesota DOT
  19. Apparent Foundation Failure of MSE Wall on US 36 Impacts Busy Denver-Boulder Route
  20. FHWA NHI Manual: Drilled Shafts Construction Procedures and LRFD Design Methods
  21. Sheet Pile Wall SLOPE/W example problem
  22. Bentley Systems Announces the Acquisition of Keynetix, Provider of Geotechnical Data Management Cloud Services
  23. Video: Rockfall Near Miss at Spantik Basecamp
  24. House-size Boulders Close Colorado 145
  25. MSEW 3.0 Update 13.1 from ADAMA Engineering
  26. SNAP-2 Soil Nail Wall Software Update
  27. Giant Rockfall Crushes House in Les Mees, France
  28. Big Stan – Biggest Truck Mounted Drill in the Southwest Busy near Las Vegas
  29. 6 Free Sites for Geotechnical Webinars and Technical References
  30. Motorist Killed by Landslide in Tennessee
  31. Video of Buildings Swaying in Manila During Earthquake
  32. Video: Brumadinho, Brazil Tailings Dam Collapse
  33. Video: Retaining Wall Collapse in Istanbul
  34. Golder Celebrates Retirement of Rock Mechanics Legend Ted Brown
  35. Autodesk Geotechnical Module 2019 Released