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  • Tank Town USA!
    Available Resources
    Geosynthetic manufacturer, Tensar, has a new promotional video featuring Beau, the King of the Road. And he has an interesting way of demonstrating the effectiveness of their geogrid product…using a tank!  To celebrate the launch of their new video, they are [...]
  • Debris flow in town of Bondo Switzerland following August 25, 2017 landslide
    Geologic Hazards

    Swiss halt search for landslide victims as more rockfalls expected

    Swiss officials announced over the weekend that they would halt search operations for 8 missing hikers after a massive landslide near the small village of Bondo, Switzerland.  Geologists toured the source area by helicopter and determined it was unsafe to [...]
  • UK National Tunneling Day 2017

    Happy National Tunneling Day (UK)

    The British Tunnelling Society (BTS) is encouraging our profession and the public to celebrate National Tunneling Day today, December 7.  Their goal is to promote the industry (and its many professions) to students of all ages and the general public. The [...]
  • Tower 12 Project temporary excavation in Downtown Seattle, credit: Terracon
    Terracon posted a new blog post about a unique hybrid soil nail and anchored soldier pile wall excavation support system for the Tower 12 Building project in Downtown Seattle.  The project involves a 60-foot deep excavation for underground parking, but [...]
  • Failures

    Armchair Geotech – Possible Hydro-Collapse at School Site?

    Raghu on the Geotechnical Engineers Linkedin Group has a problem.  A new school site (location not disclosed) was built with cut and fill methods at a location where the winter ground water table is only 0.5 m below grade.  The [...]
  • News

    Building the Tunnel Behind Bertha

    This is a great little time lapse video from WSDOT that shows the construction of the tunnel behind the Bertha’s disassembly pit for the Alaska Way Viaduct Replacement Project.  

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