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  • Tank Town USA!
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    Geosynthetic manufacturer, Tensar, has a new promotional video featuring Beau, the King of the Road. And he has an interesting way of demonstrating the effectiveness of their geogrid product…using a tank!  To celebrate the launch of their new video, they are [...]
  • Webinar
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    gINT SIG Workshop – Using Blocks in gINT, January 3

    All gINT power-users should check out the first gINT Special Interest Group virtual workshop for 2018 on using blocks in gINT. Sessions get underway on Wednesday, January 3, at 9 a.m. EST and 5 p.m. EST and share the same agenda. Choose the time [...]
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    Webinar: Measures and Invoices in KeyLAB – October 20th

    KeyLAB’s rate card and invoices features are very powerful but often underused.  If you run a geotechnical laboratory, you know what a challenge it is to keep up with the paperwork side of the business!  KeyLAB, a geotechnical laboratory management [...]
  • Photo from GHD Report taken before the landslide
    An article by the NZ Herald reports that recommendations for slope monitoring and early warning made by a geotechnical consulting firm in a report 2 years before the initial failure were not adopted by Auckland Transport.  The Birkenhead landslide initially took out [...]
  • Golder Associates Global President and CEO - Dr. Hisham Mahmoud

    Golder Associates CEO Shares on Industry and Challenges During Downturns

    Golder Associates Global President and CEO, Dr. Hisham Mahmoud, recently gave a keynote address at the EA 2017 Summit in London.  He shared candidly about the challenges faced by Golder since he took the reins in 2015, after the “worst [...]
  • DGSI V-Logger
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    DGSI Improves Popular Equipment Trade-In Program

    DGSI has added the Quattro Logger (a discontinued 4-channel vibrating wire data logger) and the VW MiniLogger (a 1-channel vibrating wire data logger) to its trade-in program. If you send them your Quattro Logger or MiniLogger, they will give you [...]

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